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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I'm back/ future of sambird

Hello, I am back from a holiday and I have used that time, partly, to think about the future of me, this blog and much much more. Therefore, I have created the sambird agenda 1.0 !

What this is is basically an overview of what I would like to or feel I should accomplish in the relatively near future, in terms of both the blog and my work. The agenda is, as far as I am aware, in no particular order, so here it goes:

1. The first item on the agenda is that I aim to improve the blog in a multitude of ways. From quality of writing, quality of content to the mass of content and the look and feel of the blog. I plan to begin tackling this right away with daily updates that are not just checklists or short notes but actually, as an example, detailed explanations of the java progress made on that day and also a section on the errors or bugs I had come across on that day and how I came to fix them, if I did (all of this in a project journal). I will also be doing daily updates in the non programming sections and filling those with up to date and useful content.

In terms of the look and feel, I would like to address this by creating a custom theme that is more appropriate for the content that I will be posting. Also to do with the feel, I intend to change the URL from a blogspot URL to a URL that is not (?). Doing this, I will also be, in the near future, moving away from blogspot and actually create my own blog, using HTML I guess, which will be more customisable so that the content can be more categorised and ordered into separate fields (I.e. gaming) which I am not able to do using blogspot. 

2. The second item on the agenda is consulting my work in java. My database management application is my primary project at present and will be for the foreseeable future. However, not as I am developing it now. The current development will continue as planned of course (that agenda will be in a post of its own) but, following that, I would like to progress that application and improve it constantly to make it as close to perfection as is possible ( obviously I am not there yet). Furthermore, I am also being drawn to the idea of moving it onto other platforms, maybe even mobile platforms, but that will not be in the immediate future anyway.

However, as I do make improvements on the app you can easily see for yourself because, as soon as I can, I will be making the application available online to anybody who wants it, even you!

That brings us nicely into the third item...

3. The third and final item on the agenda is dealing with a project I would like to start working on as soon as possible. A website. I will write it from scratch in HTML of course and I will be creating tools using php, some if which I know. It will have many purposes which I will go into more detail with soon as the development goes underway but one of the main reasons for it is so that I can make any applications or scripts I develop available for users to download straight to their computers. I also have another idea to create a forum where some relatively relevant/ useful topics can be discussed. I am certain that java, c++ etc. will be open for discussion but other areas of interest will be also, such as mathematics. Here, it will be possible to gain understanding obtain help or simply discuss things you find interesting. 

I plan for all of this to be done in the soon future. Detailed figures will be provided soon when development begins.

End of agenda......

Note: Continuation of projects and starting of agenda will begin, at latest, on the 21st August but that is not likely to happen.

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