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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Issue displaying data in browser on html table

I'm having a problem with taking the data from my MySQL DB and then not just displaying it in the console but generating a html table to contain it within a browser. I am considering using JSF's or just employing ResultSetMetaData to obtain the data in an appropriate form so that I can easily push that onto a html table.


Decided on ResultSetMetaData to create html table.


out.print("..."); cannot be resolved. I tried to fix by putting it in a try/catch and then catching the exceptions but it made no difference.


I have work3ed out that I need a PrintWriter and it will be in the servlet as it would be undefined in the DAO. I have also worked out the syntax would be:  PrintWriter pr = PrintWriter(CS.toString());

However, even with DAO object, I can't use the CS connection.


I have read that many use entity manager instead as it makes for better code so I will look into that.

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