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Non-programming area

Non-Programming Area

This will be where you can find any information about my interests outside of programming such as maths and reptiles. This area will likely not be posted to as frequently but the posts will be more in-depth and more enjoyable to read.

Obviously, Blogger does not actually allow you to put blog posts on separate pages so his will have to be a bit more custom.


I was not completely sure as to what I should write for my first non-coding post but then I thought I would discuss video games. Why not?

I mostly am playing games using the Steam platform because, firstly, there is a large library and, secondly, they are generally quite a bit cheaper. However, I do own a PS3 as well and would like to play more games on there. I am debating whether or not to invest in a PS4 when it is released but I can't deny that the launch titles, such as Metal Gear Solid V, do look good and I think I may fall to temptation.

In terms of Steam, I bought a few games in the Summer Sale that ended two days ago. These were Garry's Mod and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Garry's Mod was more of a random decision but I reckon it was a good one because not only is the standard gameplay good but there is a vast library of Steam Workshop Mods that I have only just begun to dabble in and, may I say, the Scars mod is definitely unique. There's nothing quit like sending a iron man into space on an Audi R8.

CS: GO I have wanted for a while and it did not disappoint. It is , as I expected, a visually revamped Source with improved, in some instances, gameplay although the blurred sniper vision can get irritating. Either way, the new maps are definitely worth it and it was easily worth the £4.07 that I payed for it.

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