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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Progress(edited as i go along)

-Database designed
-Tables designed
-Database/Tables created
-Blog established
-Test data added
-Foreign Key added between 'Key Facts, Origin' and 'Origin, Origin'
-Foreign Key added between 'Key Facts, Environmental Safety' and 'Environmental Safety, Enviro Safety'
-TomEE Web Server Setup (15:01, 16/07/13)
-Eclipse Java EE Developer Package Installed (15:45, 16/07/13)
-Admin user setup with app server (10:15, 17/07/13)
-Primary key of 'Key Facts' changed to newly created column 'code' (10:35, 17/07/13)
-Test JSP and XML file deployed to app server
-Unique and Primary Keys added to Origin and envirosafety tables
-Revision of HTML
-Reading into servlets
-MySQL JDBC driver installed (11:30, 18/07/13)
-Connection to database established via eclipse
-Multiple test servlets run and worked

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